Affiliate Marketing Exposed: Is It Trending or Just Hype? Spill The Tea

Affiliate marketing involves a relationship between a brand and an associated marketer, which yields mutual benefits for both sides. Marketers help brands sell their products while the brands pay them for sales generated from the promotions. This cut across many niches like beauty products, travel, food, education, sports betting, and more.

Brands now pay individuals who help promote their products and services. This arrangement helps reach a broader client base and is cheaper since they pay affiliate commissions only when they make sales from leads. As of 2020,  the market size of partner marketing was over $17 billion

The idea is simple: partnering with sites and individuals with a large following directs more target audiences to your brand. For instance, let’s look at affiliate marketing in the gambling industry. As the online gambling industry keeps growing with increased competition, associate marketing becomes an ideal strategy for helping bookies stay in the market. JoinAff is a modern affiliate firm that started in 2020 and it has helped many online casino brands attract users. It owns 5 brands under its management, which includes: 

  1. Burning Bet
  2. Stelario
  3. IceBets
  4. AllReels
  5. DozenSpins

Products and services of a bookmaker serve as iGaming verticals for several stakeholders in the industry. Some iGaming verticals are betting offers, referral traffic, poker, lottery, bingo, daily fantasy sports, affiliate marketers, software providers, and regulators. The betting promos offered by bookmakers include promotions, bonuses, and innovations like live gaming. It is a profitable iGaming vertical in affiliate marketing.

The Chips Might be Stacked in Arbitrage’s Favor

Affiliate marketing is cheap, and you can start without money, provided you have a strong traffic source. Promoting other people’s products can make passive income and even scale it up to a huge amount. Studies show that the affiliate industry has grown, and over 80% of partner marketers have made up to $20,000

With many niches available, promoting online casinos and sportsbooks is one of the top niches you can try. The global gambling market was worth over $235 billion as of the end of 2022. As the online gambling industry expands, the need to stay relevant and attract punters becomes vital. Let’s take affiliate marketing in Europe as an instance.

The iGaming associate market in Europe is booming, and JoinAff is at the forefront of this exciting trend. They are a key player offering a comprehensive affiliate program. This is evident in the latest SIGMA conference with over 27,000 delegates and 6,500 affiliates

Before joining any partner program, it is essential to note that European countries have varying languages, cultures, payment methods, and regulations. You must ensure your affiliate content conforms with your targeted countries with the points raised earlier. Also, you must understand the following as a sports betting associate marketer.

  • Affiliate Network: This occurs when two or more companies who offer complementary services/products help one another generate more leads. They often serve as middlemen and encourage their users to try the products of their partners. They often use a link-sharing system to exchange traffic.
  • Affiliate Teams: This happens when many partner marketers work under one management. They share common affiliate links and resources which helps them generate more leads. Most teams often have portals for easy monitoring and transfer of resources among affiliate team members.
  • Referral Traffic: This is the total traffic directed to a site from associate links, partners, or direct media buying. It often reveals the success of the affiliate marketing strategies used by a partner team or marketer. Knowing this can help you make better decisions, build better traffic, and improve your website.
  • iGaming Vertical: This is a form of affiliate marketing where a marketer is paid based on the actions of the people referred to an online casino or sportsbook. Commission can either be based on referred users’ initial deposit, wagering amount, or a share of all amount spent by the new user. It is fast growing in Europe as most emerging bookmakers need punters.  

As new brands keep flocking into the iGaming industry, many create affiliate programs to promote their platforms. It opens an avenue to profit for individuals, especially if you have a source of significant traffic. Some common sources are social media, blogs, email marketing, etc. 

To do this, you will open an affiliate partnership account with the betting sites and help them attract users via your audience. The brand, in turn, pays you an agreed commission percentage for every successful lead created. You will need the following:

  1. Have a high source of traffic: Since you will promote a brand, you need a wide range of traffic sources. It can be your social media followers, blog readers, YouTube viewers, or email marketing contacts. The bigger your source of traffic, the higher the amount of commission you will possibly gain.
  2. Pick a gambling affiliate program: As many bookies have associate programs, you can pick the one that suits you. You can check the terms of the program, the commission percentage, and the conditions your leads must fulfill before they pay you. Ensure you check all necessary details.
  3. Affiliate account link: Create an account with your affiliate partner by providing the necessary details and agreeing to the terms. Obtain your associate link after successfully registering. Some betting platforms offer promo codes.
  4. Compelling content to spread your link: Create relevant and engaging content like videos, blog posts, social media posts, etc., to attract users to your affiliate partner. Strategically insert your links around the content to generate leads.

From 0 to 7 Figure – Sports Betting Affiliate Marketing

Gambling affiliate marketing is the real deal in sports and the iGaming industry. It can help affiliate marketers move from 0 to 7 figures with the right approach. BetZillion experts noticed some trends in affiliate marketing that have recently influenced some sports.

The rise of Pickleball is one of the most notable pieces of evidence in Europe. Reports revealed that over 36 million people played Pickleball in 2022. The participation of top celebrities like Kevin Durant and LeBron James has yielded huge leads. Badminton is another sporting event we believe will benefit from affiliate programs.

The Esports games section is another niche on the rise in online sports betting affiliate marketing. Since the 2020 COVID lockdown paused most sports, Esports betting on NBA2K and FIFA games has become more popular. Promoting bookmakers offering betting on Leagues of Legends, Call of Duty, Dota 2, etc., can help you move from 0 to 7 figures.

But Are the Odds as Good as They Look?

Although many marketers have made fortunes through gambling affiliate marketing, it requires patience and commitment. Player acquisition for bookmakers is not that easy since many options are available. But you can earn a lot with the right tips and efforts. The following can help you increase your earnings.

  • Use compelling contents
  • Take advantage of the latest bonuses and offers
  • Invest in SEO on your sites
  • Use Call-to-Action buttons
  • Avoid keyword stuffing and use tables