How commissions work?

Affiliate marketing has constantly evolved along with the gambling industry, and it is hard to imagine a more effective way of promotion that will work in almost any country. In addition, this type of marketing provides effective results that can be easily tracked and monitored.

One of the main aspects that this type of partnership should have is a quality program part and flexible payment options for partners. If there are no problems with the first one because it is the central working part, then there are nuances with the other one because there are many variants of commissions, and you should know what you should be ready for and learn about how commissions work.

Revenue Share

It is one of the most essential and attractive types of commission for the gambling market. You can bring the income from such a partnership in the long term, and the partner will not receive a one-time payment. In this case, payments are made as long as the referred client plays or until the predetermined period expires.

Different companies may have completely different conditions on this matter. It can be either 5% or 50% of the money invested by the player. Also, the requirements may change depending on the number or quality of the attracted users.

Cost Per Acquisition

This type of commission is the most common. This partnership makes the payment for depositing an account at the online casino or another specific player action. It can even be only registering on the site.

Many people prefer this commission system, as a partner can immediately calculate how much money he will get. But the figures here are not universal because it depends on the subject and the region of the casino. The more specific and challenging to find an audience, the more expensive it will be.

First-time Deposit

It is part of the previous one but has its own characteristics. In this case, the commission payment is made at the first deposit by the user. If we consider the various bonuses that casinos often offer, the option with FTD is one of the most attractive. Since online casinos usually provide special offers for the first deposit, and to attract an audience will be easier, and the payment will come right away for what the potential gambler came.

Commissions for such actions may be fixed as $20 for 100 recharged or a percentage. The single best option here is unavailable because it depends on the player and the bonus, which provides the first deposit.

Hybrid commissions

This type of payout includes two types of commissions. It can be a one-time payment for an action and a percentage of the user’s investment over a certain period, or the latter only with a payment specifically for the first deposit.

This type can be called one of the most attractive for the future partner because it will immediately receive payment according to the work results and will preserve the prospect of long-term income. Any percentage of such cooperation depends on factors like region, target audience, or payment methods, so they are usually negotiated individually.


Affiliate marketing in the gambling industry is a powerful tool for both promoting quality online casinos and earning opportunities for a potential affiliate. So if your audience is languishing, waiting for attractive brands that can interest them, and you need the best commission offers with relevant terms, then become a JoinAff partner.