Types of Bonuses in Online Casinos

No person can pass away through discounts or any other nice bonuses. And more of this content can be found in online casinos. It is where you can notice the most different bonuses, which simplify the game for the user and make it more enjoyable while capturing the attention for a long time.

Now we’re going to figure out the different types of casino bonuses, and if even one of these will not be on the site you choose, it’s better to start looking for a more attractive option.

Welcome Bonuses

It is the first, essential, and necessary thing to pay attention to in a casino. This type of bonus is most often found everywhere but does not appear in physical casino types. It can be called the calling card of any project that offers a welcome bonus to any new user. One of the most common is the first deposit bonus. It doubles the amount of your first investment in the platform.

There are different percentages on this deposit. Someone makes it 50-100%, someone at once 500%, but this is very rare. So if the platform you choose doesn’t offer this, it’s worth looking further.

Deposit Bonuses

This type of bonus is also common. Most often, in addition to the welcome bonus doubling the deposited amount, players have the opportunity to increase their subsequent deposits, but in other percentages.

But do not think that the situation is the same everywhere. Each project differs in the number of bonuses available and often categorizes them into different types of games. For example, while 100% is usually used in table games like blackjack, you may see 200% on slot machines.

No Deposit Bonuses

For many gamblers, the most crucial nuance in the choice of platform is the possibility of trying out a casino while not risking money. As the name of this type of bonus suggests, the player does not need to enter their financial data to try to play but simply register on the site.

Usually, this bonus does not exceed $150 and implies some restrictions. You may use it only in certain games, or you will not be able to withdraw the money won on these bonuses above a certain amount.

At first, this limitation may seem questionable, but a new player can always try the casino and decide whether he should continue to spend time here. In this case, he will not risk his own money, and if he does decide, he will be able to take his winnings in full.

Free Spin Bonuses

No matter what popular online casino you would not go to, you would always be waiting by the notorious free spins. It is an adored feature of any gambler that gives you a limited number of free spins that you can use to win real money without spending a dime.

Usually, these bonuses are associated with the release of new slot machines, provided to new players, or are a reward for an event or tournament. But the time for their use can be limited, so collecting them is impossible, and you should always use the received bonuses at once.

High Roller Rewards

So that everyone gets their own enjoyment from playing at online casinos, you can often find bonuses for players who are used to making significant investments. In this case, the player becomes a VIP client, for whom there are often various events and tournaments and presented permanent bonuses at the site. But you should understand that each casino’s requirements for becoming a VIP client are different, and you should always look at the conditions first.

Referral Bonuses

Many players are used to sharing their passion with acquaintances or on various sites, and many casinos encourage this. Thus, this user gets his referral link, which accrues bonuses to the link owner in the casino for each new referred user. These can be completely different, from free spins to bonus money in the account.

Loyalty Bonuses

Every online casino respects its customers, both new and old. But you always want to emphasize it once again with action and reward. So the loyalty award appeared, which is given when a player reaches various milestones, as long as they play their favorite games at the same casino.

The loyalty rewards vary from project to project and can be very different. For example, a player may be given loyalty points that they can convert into credits for wagering, free spins, bonus points for betting, or coins they can convert for withdrawal or betting.

Reward Multipliers

This type of reward speaks for itself — it increases the amount for winning. This bonus is often found in new slot machines or in connection with a specific event. In this regard, such offers usually last for a limited time and allow players to multiply their winnings.

Multipliers can either double the amount or triple it. There are even cases when the reward has increased by more than ten times. It all depends on the particular casino. Therefore, it is always worth checking what promotions are currently running because it is possible that there is a chance to increase the reward several times in a slot that the player has been ignoring all the time. So the player will remain a winner and may even discover a new game in the casino.


Thus, it is easy to see that in many online casinos, there are enough all kinds of bonuses to make it always enjoyable for a potential player to spend time there. In addition, there are loyalty systems, so it is always worth choosing a casino with the maximum number of such bonuses.

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