What is Responsible gambling?

Every casino owner understands that the responsibility for gambling lies not only on the player himself but also on the one who provides such services. Considering that the owners of such businesses did not bear any responsibility, in the beginning, then the Responsible Gambling system was developed.

In its simplest terms, this is the set of social responsibility initiatives by the gambling industry — including governments, regulators, operators, and vendors — to ensure the integrity and fairness of their operations and to promote awareness of the harms associated with gambling, such as gambling addiction.

Areas of Responsible Gambling

There are many areas to consider when setting up your casino in this field. It is worth understanding that each of them should be in an online casino, and excluding some is simply not safe.

Online payment protection

Every representative of online casinos and sports betting should have access to a safe iGaming software platform, which will protect the player’s personal information and financial data.

This area is one of the main things that operators should pay attention to. Since it is not only about the casino’s earnings but also about the user’s credibility and the site’s reliability.

Prevention of underage gambling

It is one of the essential elements of maintaining a responsible approach to gambling on the part of the casino owner. It is important to stress that people under 18 or 21 should not be allowed to gamble. But this does not prevent them from using games that do not require real money.

Each user must provide the casino with the reliable information which proves that he is of legal age. They must register on the site and pass several checks.

Information privacy

Online casino owners must prevent players’ personal information from being accessed by illegal criminal activities on the Internet. By adopting several strict policies restricting access to critical private data, such as players’ names, addresses, and phone numbers, casinos can ensure the privacy of information.

Protection of vulnerable gamblers

There is a type of player who does not know how to control themselves. At this rate, they are spending way more money than they can afford, which leads to collateral problems. Although each casino must protect such players, and for this, there are self-exclusion programs and restrictions on how much money and time players may spend on a gaming website.

Furthermore, gambling operators must also display relevant information about specific organizations that can deliver support to players whose lives have been impacted by a gambling addiction.

Secure online environment

The essential rules of responsible gambling state that operators must establish controls and systems to provide the groundwork for a safe online environment.

Gambling operators must ensure that their gaming sites are safe locations where players may have fun in a secure gaming environment to safeguard themselves and the players. At the same time, all transactions and technical processes should be protected.

Marketing side

Every online casino that uses advertising should clearly understand a few essential points that have already been considered in the preceding paragraphs. Advertisements should only aim at an adult audience and include truthful information about the project.

How it affects casino owners?

At first glance, it might seem that the players’ problems do not apply to the platform owners, but that is not the case. Online casinos are also responsible and can be fined, taken to court, have their license revoked, or simply shut down due to violations of responsible gambling regulations.

In this regard, every platform owner must ensure that the responsible gambling program is followed and understood by all parties, including regulators, platform providers, casino game providers, and players.

Is JoinAff Responsible?

Each of the above items are not just recommendations — it’s mandatory for every honest project that respects its players. That’s why JoinAff takes great care to ensure that every player has the best possible experience in our casinos in terms of convenience, safety, comfort, and fun.

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